Monday, November 21, 2005

That 70's Show (season 6, episode 23)

In this episode of That 70’s Show, Eric and Donna are preparing their upcoming wedding. At the beginning, Eric enters Donna’s bedroom and inadvertently found her wedding dress. Even that he knows it’s superstitious to see the bride’s dress before the big day, Eric decided to take a closer look at the outfit. It was the worst idea Eric ever had. Before he knew it, he totally rips the precious dress. It didn’t stop there. Eric went see his mother to help him repair the dress before Donna find out about everything but things just get worst when he hide the dress in the refrigerator and stained the dress. Eric tried his last shot by washing the dress but it gets worst when he burned the outfit in the dryer. The episode end when Donna found the dress and expressed her disappointment to Eric.

Eric’s point of view:

First I was curious to see what Donna’s dress look like and in the same time I wanted to prove that is no such thing as superstition. But I quickly understand it was true. I totally had to hide the ripped dress from Donna and fix it before she finds out or else I’m dead. I thought the best thing to do was to ask my mother to help me with this but she just helped me to do more ravage to Donna’s outfit. In a last effort, I tried to clean the mess I made but the dress was done for it. Fortunately, Donna is a really comprehensive girl and accepted my apologies. Finally, Donna’s dad saves the situation by giving Donna the outfit her mom wears at her own wedding. I’m very glad everything turns out good for everybody. I learn that there some rule you better respect if you don’t want to be in troubles.

That 70's Show (season 6, episode 24)

At the beginning of this 24th episode of That 70’s Show, Eric expressed his fear of marriage to his friend. He told them that he’s afraid to be an obstacle to the accomplishment of Dana’s dream. That was a bad time to begin doubt because the happy couple were about to move into their new trailer. This new home was obviously small and ugly. Right after they finished moving, Dana told Eric about how she was happy to have chose this new life. Eric seemed not as enthusiast as Dana about this new change in their life and expressed to her his reluctance about all those changes. Things got bad when Eric suddenly decided to leave the town to avoid his wedding. Dana felt very bad because Eric didn’t shows up to their wedding party. After Eric left a message that he will not be at the wedding, Dana was really mean about him and felt terrible about this fiasco.

Dana's point of view:

I was really exited about the wedding and also by my new home where I will be living with my husband but he didn’t felt that way because he gave me a speech about his fear to make the wrong choices but I really loved him so I was sure he won’t let me down. I did understand that the trailer was a bit small but it was thinking that we will be comfortable in this place. But Eric clearly showed me that this was not what he wanted for both of us. He did that by missing his own wedding party. I was very sad about his decision and didn’t understand it because it was impossible for me to think that the person you love the most can let you down without any explanation. It was really frustrating and I didn’t know at this time if I will be able to forgive him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That 70's Show (season 6, episode 21)

The episode began at Eric’s parents basement. Mitch asked Dana to accompany him to a wedding party. Her first reaction was to say no to his proposition, but Eric told her that he had forbidden her to go on that date she accepted Mitch proposition.

At the same time, Red (Eric’s father) decided to buy the television cable. Hyde, who lives in the basement, really enjoyed that initiative and took the opportunity to steal the cable from Red.

On his side, Michael went on a maternity course with his girlfriend. But, after she found out she’s really not well with child care she left the course. Michael, for his part, did very well at the course and he impressed his girlfriend.

Eric, Dana, Mitch and Fez were doing well on the wedding party before Mitch embarrassed Dana in front of everybody by telling everyone that Dana was his new fiancé. At the same time Fez was flirting with a new girl and was doing well when she asked him to help her catch the wedding bouquet. Unfortunately, her old friend Jackie asked him to do the same for her. He had to decide between a fresh love and an old friendship.

The episode ended with a confrontation between Eric and Mitch. Mitch thought that if he bet Eric he might be respected by his friends but he made a fool of himself when he ran when Eric showed his fists.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That 70’s Show

A bunch of teenagers evolve in the 70’s. That 70’s Show presents different aspects of our present time, like the difficulty of relationships between teens and the importance of education. This show is also really funny because we can all identify with the characters and compare our reactions to different situations with their reactions. I've watched this show since the second season and I really appreciate this kind of humor and I recognize myself in several situations and characters. Unfortunately this season is the last one but, like the Simpsons, I will continue to watch the previous seasons with the same enthusiasm as the first time.